Fresh Beginnings as a Digital Marketing Apprentice

Fresh Beginnings as a Digital Marketing Apprentice
Written by Emily Ramsay, Digital Marketing Apprentice
Posted on Thursday, 5 October, 2023

My experience at Knapton Wright, so far, couldn’t have been better. Bold starting point, right? 

Starting a new job is a time of new beginnings, fresh challenges, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. But it can also be a time of uncertainty - especially when you’re taking those first, tentative steps into an industry where you want to forge a career.

If you read my first instalment, documenting my first week at creative agency, Knapton Wright, you’ll know that things got off to a great start. 

So, a month in, how are things going? In short? It’s been incredible. Over the past few weeks I have embraced my new environment, learnt the ropes and have started to find my rhythm in the busy team. 

In this blog post - the second in my series keeping you up-to-date with my apprenticeship journey - I wanted to share my experiences from my first month and reflect on how, since the initial days of my new job excitement, I’ve settled in. 

Understanding the company’s culture

When I initially started at the agency, it was challenging to adjust to the new atmosphere. 

Everything was different, and I was overcome with a variety of conflicting feelings, including dread and excitement. I put a lot of effort into getting to know my co-workers and understanding their individual job roles, grasping the culture, and becoming comfortable with my tasks. I participated in client meetings, and began forming relationships. Even though, at times it was overwhelming, I made a conscious effort to adapt to my new surroundings and have an open mind. 

I started delving more deeply into my assignments and projects as the first month of my apprenticeship progressed. My team members provided me with training and direction, which made it easier for me to comprehend the standards and expectations in my new job role. Where necessary, I made notes, enquired about things, asked for input, and tried to move as quickly as I could, reminding myself along the way that learning from mistakes is an essential part of the process and that making them in the first place is part of the learning curve. 

Settling in and finding my feet

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks scrolled by on my iPhone, I started to feel more comfortable in my new role. My responsibilities gained more clarity, and I was able to contribute and join in more effectively. 

Getting used to starting a full-time job can be difficult, it has certainly been more challenging than I thought it would be, but I have managed to establish a routine, become organised and manage my time effectively. I have also started to take on more independent tasks, demonstrating my growing confidence and understanding of what’s needed. The support from my team members has played a crucial role in helping me settle in, their patience and willingness to help me has offered me priceless support. 

What have I learnt

I feel like in one month I have learnt so much, simply by being immersed in the job. Any assignment that required me to use social media made me unsure. I was cautious because I didn't want to mess anything up, but as the month went on, I got more and more comfortable with how our social media platforms function and now I thoroughly enjoy doing social content for our clients. 

I started with the basics of what I already knew, and now as the weeks move on, I am continuing to become more familiar with the marketing industry through being introduced to new tasks and new platforms. For example, I had very little idea of what SEO or PPC were, however, I now have much more of a solid grasp on their importance and function. I’m still learning (aren’t we all?) but I am able to do so much more already.

Reflecting on progress and future goals

As I am approaching the start of my second month here at Knapton Wright, I thought it was important to reflect on my progress and make myself some goals for the upcoming months. I considered the difficulties I had conquered, celebrated my successes, and noted my weaknesses. I sought input from several team members after making mistakes, which gave me helpful insights and pointed me in the right direction for my professional development.  

All of this led me to consider what long-term goals I had for my time with the company. For example, everything I achieve will hopefully contribute towards growing the agency's brand awareness and identity, as well as building on the loyal client base that already exists with businesses that are looking to make a sustainable difference in the world.

While there were moments of uncertainty and a lack of confidence, the support from my colleagues and my commitment to continuous learning have helped me overcome obstacles. I am so excited about what lies ahead and look forward to further developing my skills and contributing to the brilliant success of the organisation. With every passing day, I am more confident that I made the right decision to join this fantastic company, and I am eager to see what the future holds. 

Advice for others considering a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship

 Do it!! You won’t regret it… but in all seriousness, I would highly recommend doing a digital marketing apprenticeship if you’ve been considering one. It’s a lot more complex than people think and there is so much to learn that you wouldn’t consider in everyday life. For example, there's a lot more to the social media element of digital marketing than you think, you have to be strategic with your posts, know who to target and understand the way each platform works. 

All this said, this was my first month of a digital marketing apprenticeship experience. Others may undoubtedly have a completely different experience, but I'm hoping that by sharing my story, I might encourage more people to choose apprenticeships and digital marketing in the present employment environment.

In life, it's never too late to make a shift or go in a new direction. Today, E-commerce and having an online presence is essential for businesses, and digital marketing is unquestionably where the future of marketing lies. 

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