Reflections of my first week with KW: Embracing a New Journey

Reflections of my first week with KW: Embracing a New Journey
Written by Emily Ramsay, Digital Marketing Apprentice
Posted on Tuesday, 8 August, 2023

Starting my new journey with Knapton Wright came along with many different emotions. Firstly, leaving one job where I’ve worked for many years to finally move forward and pursue a career was bittersweet. It’s scary stepping into the unfamiliar, however I was extremely honoured to have this new, promising opportuning ahead of me. 

Beginning a new job is usually exhilarating, although it can also be intimidating. To me, it was a massive step, coming out of college and working as a waitress part time moving into the workplace full time. The transition can be more daunting than you think, making that transition from a student into a young professional. You’re meeting new people, learning new procedures, and attempting to figure out where you fit into the big picture. Therefore, it's completely natural to feel overwhelmed and as though you're not contributing a great deal.

Meeting new colleagues 

My experience of the nerve-racking first week was made so much easier by the friendly welcoming team. Full disclosure; I am actually very shy and reserved when meeting new people, however once feeling comfortable within a workplace it helped me build new relationships with new people. During my induction process, I was introduced to colleagues and familiarised myself with the company's values and expectations. The team also gave me access to the necessary tools, systems and resources to get me up and running. The supportive team made sure I had a smooth transition into my role.

Learning the ropes

When first walking into the office on day one, I had the anticipation of what lies ahead. I had opportunities to have an overview of different departments and projects the organisation worked on and the goals they aimed to achieve. The first day, I spent time familiarising myself with the company’s processes, internal systems and seeking guidance whenever needed. Likewise, this week as a whole has been a period of information absorption. 

Collaboration and Teamwork

As the week progressed, I got together with some of the team members and explored what kind of projects they are working on. From brainstorming to being involved with meetings, I rapidly realised the value of clear communication and teamwork. When sitting in on meetings, each team member contributed their own insights and abilities, resulting in a vibrant and creative workplace and meeting. I can’t wait to be actively involved within discussions, be able to provide my thoughts and ideas and most importantly keep learning from others. So far, it has been really motivating to see the team work and dedication to attaining goals and keeping customers delighted with the work produced. 

How did I find the first week?

So, writing this on my fourth day, I can confidently say that it isn't going to take me long to settle into my first job here at Knapton Wright. Starting an apprenticeship and working alongside such a down to earth, professional team is really going to help me blossom and allow me to get the most out of my learning experiences with them. I feel so lucky that my adventure so far has been positive and that I had such brilliant support from starting last year doing a few days work experience to starting my apprenticeship journey. Throughout the first week, I have come across some challenges that have tested my problem solving ability and adaptability. On the one hand, I have already had some key takeaways from this week at work, for example, how to embrace the learning curve. Starting a new job has helped me accept that it’s difficult to dive right into something completely new however, I’ve learnt that being open and learning from experiences and different interactions such as team meetings is essential for professional development. 

Where do I hope to progress to?

Well, as I am just beginning my exciting journey, I am excited to learn more about my role, contribute to the team’s success and make a great influence in my new workplace. To me, starting as an apprentice is highly important, as it allows me to explore different paths as I can gain work experience as well as a recognised qualification. I hope that once I finish my apprenticeship to have employment, or even if it comes to a higher level of studies, maybe focusing closely on more targeted aspects from the digital marketer role. I’m super looking forward to growing my career within the marketing industry and working with different agencies to complete necessary tasks to success and attaining goals. 

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