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Head Honcho
Ideas Man / The Jolly Green Giant / Healthy mind, healthy body
Our fearless leader and sharp-as-a-tack frontman, Alex leads the Knapton Wright charge to keep the work we do and the relationships we forge relevant and rewarding - for the planet and local business economy, not our pockets.(... more)
With an uncanny knack for understanding how businesses operate and identifying their needs, Alex is a candid and frank character. Cutting through the marketing fog that far too often clouds our industry, he is always working to push our boundaries, blazing a trail for the environmentally-minded businesses out there. Alex knows that despite what Kermit the Frog says, it can be easy being green ... if you approach sustainability with the right tools and the right people in your corner. 

“Being outdoors feeds my soul. To run an agency that enables and encourages businesses to improve the world in which we live is a privilege as much as it is great fun and highly rewarding.”


Director of Making Stuff Happen
Supergeek / Never backs down from a dare / Greaser of the cogs
When he's not giving Bear Grylls a run for his money, under a tarp or in a hammock, single malt in hand, Rob is tinkering with our task lists and keeping everything methodically turning over at Knapton Wright.(... more)
A man that has a worrying soft spot for site maps, in all seriousness, it's Rob's geeky organisational skills and attention to detail that keep us functioning on a daily basis and make sure clients' expectations are not only met but surpassed. Having traded public sector corporate communications and marketing for the commercial world, Rob is not only a dab hand at knowing where and how the business can improve, but also how to perfectly time a face-achingly good joke. But, do yourself a favour, don't talk to him about the appropriate ripeness of bananas.

“Knapton Wright for me is not just a business, but a (electric) vehicle to partner with like-minded companies to sustain our world. SMEs can still be commercial yet considerate, profitable yet protective, and capitalist yet conservationist. I want my kids to enjoy the beauty of our planet as much as I have done, and this is my way of helping to make that happen.”


Chief Sanity Checker
Events extraudinere / Master of the entrepreneurial juggle
You'd think running The Old Granary - an accommodation business she owns with her sister, Clare - and Fred & Emily - a newly launched jewellery brand - would keep Louise busy enough, but alas, no.(... more)
The agri-minded, silversmith and wife to our head honcho, Alex, also keeps all of us here at Knapton Wright in check. Identifying areas for development and growth, and using her experience working with the likes of Chelsea Football Club and Cancer Research UK on big branded events to expand our sights and look at things a little differently. 

“It’s great to see how much the business has evolved since we set it up. Not only does the agency do exactly what we wanted it to – over and above the average agency standard – but now, we’re pursuing shared interests in the environment, renewable energies, and agriculture. Win-win!”


Getting businesses buzzing
Queen of client comms / The reigning champ of putting everyone else first
A strategic piece of the Knapton Wright puzzle, Emily brings a wealth of commercial experience with her, levelling up how we as an agency approach our client relationships, rooting them as partnerships (not dictatorships) from day one.(... more)
Incredibly observant, Emily's business acumen ensures she gets under the skin of each business we work with in order to challenge their thought processes. Diligent and dedicated, pushing for a positive shift in business thinking to enable growth, Emily is the busiest of bees with a heart of gold. Highly dependable, she specialises in supporting businesses to reach their full potential.

“I love my job! Working with a team of very clever people with serious banter and an insatiable appetite to get the best outcomes for a client, how could I not? We are all so different but we work together as one to make this happen - and that's why we stand out from the rest. By developing a community of clients with sustainable practices, and introducing clients to these opportunities, we are helping to build a better future for everyone.”


Cracking coder
Van-lifer / Drumming legend
Our answer to Dave Grohl, you might not figure young, courteous, Amias to be a burgeoning rock god, but having supported Reverend and the Makers at Docks Beers, we'd say he's well on his way to the drumming hall of fame.(... more)
Anyway, we digress. Our junior web developer, with a flair for the technical aspects the job entails, Amias joined us earlier this year under Tim's watchful gaze to bolster the offering of our web development team. With a sharp interest in code and some serious technical wizardry to boot, resourceful Amias has segued into agency life as easily as, well, a Segway. 

“Why I love working at Knapton Wright? It's got to be the big steps we're making towards being a carbon-neutral company. Oh... and when you’re in the office you feel as though you're with friends, it doesn’t feel like a job.”


Creative Director
Bringer of bold ideas and expert execution / Award-winning experience
Our marketing man about Nottinghamshire (and beyond) for the past 30+ years, James brings creative flair and problem-solving in bucket-loads, wowing clients from M&S to Doddington Hall with his charm and marketing expertise.(... more)
Since leaving behind the city lights of corporate marketing and PR, he has become known for helping smaller businesses prosper and being instrumental in creating a business environment where organisations can flourish, particularly as a past chairman of Newark Business Club.

It’s less than a fortnight since James became part of Knapton Wright, genius can’t be rushed when it comes to providing quotes…


Queen of copy
A way with words that wows / If storytelling was a superpower / User of medieval torture instruments AKA reformer pilates
This is a tricky one, as it's the one team profile Jo herself hasn't written so let's see if she's rubbed off on us... *deep breath* With a laugh that lights up a room, and stories that spark the synapses, Jo brings her 'A' (to 'Z') game each and every day she works with us.(... more)
Her fearless and inquisitive nature, coupled with her journalistic skills and training mean that Jo can craft content like no other. When not at the coalface of website copy, social media content, and belting blog posts, she's out in the wilds of Lincolnshire soaking up the best of British nature with her boys.

“This is a team that challenges its own, as well as clients, and all for the greater good. This gang of magnificent misfits - that I count myself truly lucky to have been initiated into - pushes way beyond ‘the comfort zone’. They all work to be better, every day. And push their clients to be better too. These are people that just make it - whatever it may be - click. I mean, who doesn’t want that?”


Digital marketing master
Our subtle superstar / Serious about SEO / Digalytical..that's a word, right?
Understated, calm and collected, don't let Katie's gentle demeanour fool you - you'd be hard-pressed to find someone with more tenacity. No task is too big or too small, too much trouble or too odd a request. (... more)
A champion of multi-disciplinary marketing, from stand-out social media content and digging into analytics to helping clients get serious about SEO, Katie just gets the job done. Setting the bar high when it comes to standards, and always with a smile on her face. And, as if having Katie around couldn't get any better, she often comes hand-in-paw with the gorgeous Teddy, a Cavapoo that is 100% gorgeous and absolutely a welcome distraction. 

“I love my job at Knapton Wright - working with a lovely team as we strive to deliver the best results for our clients, while proudly championing the green sector and sustainability, you can't call it work, really.”


Best at making stuff look good
Master of creative strategy / Connoisseur of the British pud / Oracle of objectivity & Professor of performance
Our man Down Under, working remotely from Australia, Tim handles our top-level web development and supports leading our creative strategy development - cork hat and all.(... more)
Way more than just someone who makes stuff look pretty – he does that too, of course, and very well – Tim’s unique approach to developing a brand ensures any project he is tasked with, from a website build to the creation of branded assets, is executed with accessibility, effectivity and sensibility at the fore. User experience is king for Tim, and he loves a challenge. Every question, hurdle and operational hang-up only adds to his creative flair and, ultimately, the success of each finished design. 

“I'm passionate about performance, efficiency and sustainability in all elements of work. I push people, brands and businesses to be better and get the most from their ideas, spend and energy investment, so together we can make more an even more positive change.”


Digital Marketing Apprentice
Apprentice-extraordinaire / Hometown Tourist / Twinkle Toes
The freshest face at KW HQ, Emily has joined us as our new Digital Marketing Apprentice from HBTC (Hull Business Training Centre)(... more)
Self-motivated, organised, and a keen doer, Emily has already shown us that this rapidly changing industry is for her. Not one to take her foot off the pedal, even outside of work Emily is always out and about exploring what the area has to offer. She’s also no stranger to treading the boards. Currently rehearsing for the show ‘Elf the Musical’ to be performed in Lincoln at Christmas time, Emily’s skills will come in handy for the annual KW talent show.

“Given that I’m writing this one of my first days with the agency, I can confidently say that it isn't going to take me long to settle in! There's such a fun, calm, cool atmosphere in the office. Starting an apprenticeship and working alongside such a down-to-earth, professional team is really going to allow me to get the most out of my learning experiences with them.”


Studio Assistant
All-hands-on-deck magic maker / Digital Nomad / Bike-mad bookworm
She may have given up being Santa’s right-hand woman - no we aren’t joking, Sam once worked in Lapland with the real Santa Claus - but we wouldn’t get far without our travel junkie Sam.(... more)
A key member of KW, Sam supports the whole team to achieve its goals. Always one to get stuck in, Sam is literally always smiling so we must be doing something right - or maybe it’s her addiction to spinning, reading and exploring new cultures that’s responsible for her grin? Nah - we’re pretty sure it’s us. The only thing that ‘could’ make Sam happier is knowing when an avocado is at its ripest, that and being able to teleport - answers to both on a postcard, please.

"Where do I start...Knapton Wright is one of the most warm, friendly, funny and talented teams I've ever had the pleasure of working with. What sets Knapton Wright apart is their unwavering commitment to sustainability - working with the team is like reading a feel-good novel; great vibes and great people that are not only dedicated to excellence but also to making a real difference in the world.”


The Keeper of Books / Nerd / Patron Saint of Patience
A lover of order, improving processes, new technology and change - basically all the things most people hate - we knew we’d struck gold with Clare.(... more)
With a strong moral compass, Clare is fab at bridging the gap between people and technology. A keen runner, cyclist, walker and snowboarder, Clare has an innate love of the outdoors, so you probably won’t be surprised to learn that she 100% embodies our drive towards being more sustainable - and helping other businesses do the same! She’s even part of the Caistor Environmental Group which plants and cares for trees. Clare helps to organise the Clothes Swap part of the repair cafe - did you know the fashion industry is responsible for more emissions than the aviation industry?

“What I love about Knapton Wright is working with a forward thinking, innovative and environmentally conscious company. I love that they take on and develop apprentices, as well as giving time to inspire school children and to help with projects which give back to the community.”

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