Five months into my Digital Marketer apprenticeship...

Five months into my Digital Marketer apprenticeship...
Written by Emily Ramsay, Digital Marketing Apprentice
Posted on Friday, 22 December, 2023

Two months on from my last blog, five months into my Digital Marketer apprenticeship and just under 13 months to go. Sounds crazy!

As I approach the end of 2023, I find myself reflecting on my experience and some of the key learning opportunities that have been presented. 

August 1st was my first working day and I was terrified! I had never had a full-time job before, I didn't know much about digital marketing. Fast forward to December 2023 and I’m getting on great - having completed and passed the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing from Google and completed my first project.

Based on a social media campaign for Projekt Renewable Grimsby - which is massive for Grimsby town and the area - focusing on this for my first project was fantastic. To be a part of a journey that has so much impact is something I never imagined. Throughout this, I have learnt the importance of social media marketing and how to increase brand awareness. Completing this project on social media encouraged me to go into much detail to cover the apprenticeship checklist, for example considering the in-depth skills, behaviours and knowledge behind everything that I would usually do in this project, which was interesting as it’s something that you don’t necessarily consider when naturally going about posting on social media. 

Equally, at Knapton Wright, we are a team that is committed to improving the environment. We strive to improve our environmental impact and become more sustainable. Our organisation's objective is a wonderful fit with Projekt Renewable's overarching message because it aims to inspire the next generation of experts in renewable energy by providing a vibrant, energetic destination.

What is it really like being an apprentice?

It always seems to work best for me to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in when it comes to learning. For that reason, I was thrilled that I was given the opportunity to pursue an apprenticeship. I've been able to take several courses and been involved in different activities that have all fed towards my experience and exposed me to a wide range of prospects in this industry thanks to my apprenticeship through HBTC at Knapton Wright. An apprenticeship is the perfect option if you're the type of person who prefers to put their abilities to use while you're learning; in a professional setting, outside of the classroom. Along the way, I've learned vital soft skills like time management, teamwork, and effective communication. If I had relied on textbooks, I never would have acquired these. 

So, apprenticeships are a great option for people who are hands-on and wish to enter employment while still learning the ropes. Working with a marketing agency has been incredibly beneficial to me. It has allowed me to apply what I've learned and practise my abilities in a professional setting, which has improved my professionalism overall and my workplace skills. It's not only about learning and researching, it's also about developing, changing, and travelling down a route lined with real-world wisdom and experiences that will help me in my future endeavours. 

Now… what is it like working at Knapton Wright?

Where to start…

I’m very much enjoying my time at Knapton Wright, so far it’s a great place to work. Whether I’m shadowing colleagues and sitting in on meetings, blowing my mind on coding or taking the odd lunchtime run through muddy fields. Don’t even get me started on the humorous conversations, it’s just bloody brilliant!

Being an apprentice can be challenging at times; balancing the work that needs to be done for my qualification, in addition to the work that needs to be done from a business viewpoint can be challenging. However, working in an environment where I am able to reduce that pressure and be able to succeed and learn in all aspects of the workplace having the proper support from your team is something that I am grateful for.

So what have I learnt so far? 

No two days are the same here at Knapton Wright. The group's distinct sense of humour frequently detours away from the genuine goal of our Monday meetings, and then there’s Teddy (Katie’s cavapoo) who is easily the most preferred team member. 

Aside from that, if I were to share everything I’ve learnt, watched or read over the past five months that has contributed to my learning as an apprentice I would be here for days. I've been able to incorporate the new abilities I've learned in workshop sessions into my regular working routine. Likewise, I’ve picked up skills on the job that have allowed me to apply my knowledge across several departments and complete assignments that allow me to reflect on my continued learning and development.

Leaving 2023…

As we swiftly roll into the new year, I can confidently say I’m really looking forward to completing additional courses and really developing my skills. 

After finishing secondary school and starting my A-level courses, I wasn't sure which exact career route I wanted to take. My goal was to pursue a career in the creative field because I knew that my enthusiasm for graphics and creative studies was expanding quickly. At first, I was obsessed with the concept of graphic design. In addition, sociology taught me a great deal about how different people think, behave, and arrive at various conclusions - all things I found extremely fascinating - I was tied.

Coming across digital marketing was a real game-changer for me, allowing me to input creative sides as well as use my additional studies of sociology to support client communication. Though I never truly imagined myself in the field of digital marketing, I can honestly say that these past five months have been the greatest. Working at Knapton Wright has allowed me to transform my passion into a regular job and that has already given me a great deal of information and awareness of behaviours and talents that I never would have imagined possible. I have tried to demonstrate all of my prior knowledge and abilities for the company while also learning everything there is to know about what we have to offer.

I have learned so much from stepping outside of my comfort zone over the past year, which I can't even begin to count. To be clear, I have made my fair share of mistakes. However, apprenticeships provide you the opportunity to learn from your mistakes and work with your company to improve for the future.

I’m super looking forward to what the new year has to offer for me as I continue in my role, with exams soon approaching and so much more to be learnt… I’m here for the challenge. 

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