The Flippen Group: Teachworthy

Record breaking leads at a lower cost through effective ads and website optimisation.

For the Flippen Group, our work with Teachworthy has led to increased success in their certification program, with more quality candidates applying than ever before. For us, it's been an exciting opportunity to use our expertise in SEO, PPC, and CRO to help our client achieve their goals, and achieve some seriously incredible results. Despite The Flippen Group being based outside the UK, our results are soaring higher and higher, showing that distance is no match for our determination to succeed!

What did they come to us wanting? (They wanted…)

Driven by heart and backed by science, for more than 25 years, the Flippen Group has leveraged neuroscience, psychometrics, and adult-learning technologies to bring out the best in school districts, Fortune 500 businesses, government organisations, and professional sports teams. 

We have been working with the Group for a few years now on two of its core brands - Teachworthy and Capturing Kids’ Hearts. In 2018, The Flippen Group acquired a well-known and established education brand, ACT, and wanted to drive it forward under its new name: Teachworthy. Having worked with another TFG brand for the previous twelve months, they engaged us to firstly help launch Teachworthy then bring applicants into their certification programme.  

What did that actually translate to? (That really meant…)

In short? A stellar SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click ads) and CRO (conversion rate optimisation) project. 

What did we actually do to achieve this? (So, we got to work…)

Designed to support people, who fit a certain criteria, through their teacher training, Teachworthy has earned a name for itself as the place to go for an alternative Texas Teacher Certification. 

Over the past four years, we’ve created and optimised an approach to Google and Facebook Ads, as well as technical SEO optimisation strategies, to continually increase relevant search traffic and the number of candidates applying to the programme through the website. 

Our very own King of Clicks, Tom Kelly, took over the account in December 2021. Looking at the bigger picture, attention was turned to their website and where interested parties land and apply. User experience was  improved on the mobile site too making navigation a breeze, and continuing the upward curve of improved results we were seeing. 

Taking that approach over to the desktop site, improvements were made to general user flow, and the application process itself was updated. All stages in a process of constant development, an evolution that comes back to evaluation and enhancements made consistently throughout our on-going client relationship. 

What results were generated by this strategy/product development? (Did it work?)

Year-on-year up to 2022, PPC has increased the number of applications by 20%, and reduced overall spending by $100,000, massively minimising cost per lead.

In 2022 Teachworthy received 9% more applications compared to 2021, despite spending $50,000 (17%) less on paid advertising across the year.

Following this cumulative success, this year we have drilled down on our approach with Kirsty Feeney taking the lead.

June to the end of August is the most crucial time for Teachworthy, this year we increased the amount of Facebook ads running to include both prospecting and remarketing campaigns with still images, testimonials and video content.

This approach has resulted in a huge improvement in the number of conversions, increasing them from six across this time period in 2022, to 47 conversions this year.

Teachworthy typically slows down in October, therefore we look to reduce the budget. This year we have altered our historic approach to focus on the quality of the leads coming through.

By adding an ad schedule to pause the ads at times that reflected poor performance and refreshing the ad content too, October has been the best-performing month of 2023, resulting in the highest number of conversions with the lowest CPA.

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