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Graham Allen Business Services gets a professional, comprehensive and robust branding and communications platform to support and build on their strong reputation.

Success is different for everyone! To make your marketing campaign a success, we need to understand how you measure it, what's important to you, and how we can help you reach your goals. At Graham's business, we've developed a cohesive and professional brand that has wowed his clients and propelled his business forward. And who says branding can't be fun? We believe in infusing creativity and enjoyment into everything we do, even when it comes to branding.

What did they come to us wanting? (They wanted…)

South Yorkshire’s number one provider of green energy solutions and advice, UK Green Energy has an established reputation across the region for its seamless, in-house, turn-key service that doesn’t compromise on quality and attention to detail. 

The team came to us to, quite simply, get more leads through the door. They were a popular choice but had the capacity for more work. Time to get that diary filled!

What did that actually translate to? (That really meant…)

For UK Green Energy, increasing the volume of enquiries meant rebuilding and redeveloping the website into a platform that could effectively cope with the increasing level of enquiries being generated. What use is a website if it can’t handle incoming enquiries? 

We’ve been working with UK Green Energy since before the air source heat pump boom, a boom that all predictions say won’t be slowing down anytime soon. Born to respond to the changing needs of our planet, UK Green Energy specialises in installing solar panels, heat pumps, and the admin and servicing of these and other green energy solutions. 

What did we actually do to achieve this? (So, we got to work…)

With the repayment cost foreseen to be rising further as the cost of electricity increases, the UK Green Energy team needed to ensure collating incoming leads was a streamlined process. The website as it existed previously, wasn’t fit for purpose. It was built on an outdated platform that was impossible to improve. Putting a huge limitation on the business’s potential and growth.

We’ve upgraded them to a WordPress site, meaning they now have more control over the functionality and buildability of the site. Following the website build, and as a result of all of our conversations, the team now knows that there is so much more that we can do to optimise their processes - alongside the reimagined website user experience. 

Now the new site has launched we’re looking to introduce a recruitment function. The industry has a huge turnover of staff, with engineers moving where the money is. Incorporating recruitment into the website is the next step for UK Green Energy, a development which will be further optimised through SEO. 

Moving forward, we’ve entered into conversations about how we move past this development phase, floating ideas to combat industry issues such as:

  • Lack of ongoing customer service
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of maintenance knowledge

We want to create a series of promotional materials that will give UK Green Energy the added value of being able to support the homeowner post-install. Information so that those who have opted for greener living to be proud of their instalment, boast about it even, show off how much money they are saving, to encourage more enquiries.

Referral schemes are another approach we’d like to introduce with UK Green Energy. Flyering neighbouring houses once an install is booked for example, to intrigue neighbours to ask for quotes,  encourage additional referrals and convert into installs. 

What results were generated by this strategy/product development? (Did it work?)

Since the relaunch in mid-March (two weeks) 20 confirmed leads have been generated.

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