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Developing a true partnership with Duckworth Motor Group, offering their team expertise insight into all facets of their marketing.

As always we worked closely with the team at Knapton Wright to ensure the success of this event - the I-PACE retail tour premiering at Duckworth’s Boston showroom. Always full of ideas and suggestions, we like their supportive and innovative approach to the challenges we set them. We were delighted with not only the attendance, but also the coherent follow-up, the awareness of the brand guidelines, and consistency across the channels.

What did they come to us wanting? (They wanted…)

When Duckworth’s came to us in 2018, it was for support across two key areas of activity:

  • Promote the arrival of a luxury EV in Lincolnshire, emphasising the Motor group’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions
  • Consistent and innovative social media messaging that championed Duckworth’s being awarded the prestigious honour of kicking off the UK-wide retail tour of the Jaguar I-PACE

Having worked with Duckworth Motor Group across all their brands - Land Rover, Jaguar and Isuzu - at all of their Lincolnshire showrooms for the last 6 years, we already knew that the arrival of the Jaguar I-PACE was going to be a BIG deal. 

Considering the Jaguar franchise was only awarded to Duckworth’s the previous year, an incredible achievement in itself, the inaugural launch event of the luxury EV was a milestone that needed to be handled the right way, in order to preserve the tradition and values that Duckworth was founded on while promoting the innovation of the first all-electric Jaguar.

The challenge for us was to encourage curiosity and engagement from Duckworth’s existing client base. We know they are an audience who appreciate quality and tradition. But we also had to make sure the campaign activity created to drive people to this event reached out to a new client base - a growing body of people with environmental concerns as well as a requirement for a superior quality vehicle. 

It was enough to just generate interest, once we has caught people’s attention we needed to be able to nurture it, converting that curiosity into credible leads. All the while following brand guidelines from both Duckworth and Jaguar to ensure marketing material pushed a consistent message - that Duckworth Motor Group stood out as a trusted Jaguar partner.

What did that actually translate to? (That really meant…)

The campaign was all about generating FOMO, we wanted high levels of anticipation and interest in the new I-PACE from audiences while maintaining the level of exclusivity that Jaguar, Land Rover and Isuzu are known for. 

The futuristic capabilities of the new electric model needed to be paired with delivering assurance to loyal clients and followers that the core values of the family business - excellent customer service and unsurpassed vehicle expertise - wouldn’t be diminished in any way as the business stepped into entirely new territory.

Highly revered in the agricultural communities that make up so much of Lincolnshire, Duckworth and its work with LandRover over the last three generations is highly regarded countywide. Obtaining the franchise to bring Jaguar back to Lincolnshire in 2017. 

Welcoming not only the I-PACE but the Jaguar franchise in its entirety into the family fold brought further credibility to the group, the two brands complimenting each other with their respective reputations for British engineering excellence, but also presented Duckworth a golden opportunity to showcase its forward-thinking philosophy and underlying commitment to supporting the industry in reducing carbon emissions.

What did we actually do to achieve this? (So, we got to work…)

Work began on creating an all-encompassing campaign that translated across multiple social media platforms, which launched 6-weeks before the event. The I-PACE’s introduction was made using a mix of Jaguar-approved images, videos and impressive statistics, both through paid and organic posts, with audiences encouraged to secure a place at the event using social media messaging, email, telephone or a digital booking form. 

When it came to the event itself, printed collateral, from banners to brochures, to complement the pre-event promotion, was visible and available across the showroom. Professional photography and videography were built into the post-event campaign to be utilised in the weeks that followed.  

Continued promotion of the launch and Duckworth’s association with the I-PACE were planned as crucial elements of the lead generation we wanted to create. The longevity of our relationship with Duckworth has allowed us to fully understand the dynamics of the business, its client base and target audience over the years, as well as support the development of strategies as a collaborative partner, rather than simply a service provider.

What results were generated by this strategy/product development? (Did it work?)

Not only was the preview event the first of its kind in the UK, and one of the best attended, but it also showcased Duckworth Motor Group as a high-profile Jaguar dealership in the very first year of the franchise, creating a ‘launch pad’ for the brand in Lincolnshire, and increasing interest and sales of Jaguar models across the board for the business.

The campaign reached more than 700,000 people and resulted in a significant uplift in social media page likes as well as generating 223 qualified leads, many of which were converted into sales of vehicles which rolled quietly, yet powerfully, out of Duckworth’s doors and onto the roads of Lincolnshire and beyond.

Similarly on additional campaigns, such as the Used Evoque campaign we ran between April and July 2022, saw 17 out of 20 Evoques sold. And the Duckworth Parts ads campaign, which ran earlier this year, saw an average ROAS (return on ad spend) x6, totallin £17,033.98 in value in comparison to the £2,654 outlay. 

The ‘Buy My Car’ social ads campaign is another fantastic example, generating 320 car valuation completions at an average cost of £26 per valuation.

Looking at the bigger picture, working on these campaigns with the team at Duckworth has resulted in a stronger partnership forming. Now working as their strategic marketing partner, we don’t just concentrate on campaigna t a time, or one areaof marketing. We have formed a true partnership in our ongoing approach to tackle Duckworth’s needs, so we can be both proactive and reactive. 

Embedded within their team, their business and their world, working in this way allows us to  provide expertise on all facets of their marketing - from tactical campaigns and design development, to strategy, copywriting, PR, advertising and social media management.

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