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Combining engaging social content, email remarketing and targeted advertising with a bespoke landing page for enquiries.

As a young and dynamic house builder, we deem creative marketing and social media to be tools of growing significance. Since we engaged with Knapton Wright, not only have they vastly increased our company's profile within the region, we have sold every house we had for sale!

What did they come to us wanting? (They wanted…)

In 2018, Qudos Homes launched a development of 18 properties. Unlike some property developments, this site - Francis Gardens in Scawby, North Lincolnshire - was a mix of pretty renovated cottages positioned alongside new build properties which boasted a wealth of attractive features, tying the whole development together. 

Qudos Homes came to us to strategise the phased sales that were in the pipeline for Francis Gardens, to implement a campaign that not only reflected the company’s brand identity but increased local awareness of the business, generated high-quality leads and ultimately, sold out the properties in ease phase.

What did that actually translate to? (That really meant…)

Before we get into the ‘what’, a little history lesson - it’s relevant, we promise… Between 2010-15 levels of new properties being completed by private companies were almost at an all-time low. But during 2018-19, additional housing stock reached an almost 30-year high. That meant competition would be high when it came to securing buyers. Properties needed to be high-spec and unique, with championed long-term sustainability being an additional key USP.

With Francis Gardens massively ticking that box - with its unique combination of character and new build properties - we curated a marketing strategy that would, in a nutshell, sell houses. 

Having laid solid foundations working with several property clients previously, and with a true affinity for North Lincolnshire, we had a not-so-quiet confidence about this one. To raise awareness of the business, drive traffic to the Qudos site and generate enquiries regarding the new development, we built a bespoke landing page that was visually and technically engineered to generate leads. 

By developing and implementing a dynamic data model in the creation of this website, we were able to significantly improve the user experience and make the site a much more critical business tool for Qudos Homes. 

The data model in question led to the user being able to view and compare all the plots, house types and attributes/specifications on any given development in a single view. That meant more engagement for customers and more in-built flexibility for the future for Qudos. 

This was paired with a targeted online advertising campaign to engage potential buyers further and further supported with a social media presence that worked to raise the profile of Qudos Homes and their brand, consistently promoting the development and the appeal of the surrounding area to potential buyers.

What results were generated by this strategy/product development? (Did it work?)

Combining engaging social content, email remarketing and targeted advertising with a bespoke landing page for enquiries, we generated high-quality leads and sales throughout the campaign. 

Our 6-week campaign generated 6,859 visits to the website, and 94 leads, and helped Qudos Homes sell every plot in that phase of their development. We also assisted them in transitioning to the next development phase by continuing to build the profile of their business.

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