KnapChat: A Journey of Inspiration, Motivation and Incredible Stories

KnapChat: A Journey of Inspiration, Motivation and Incredible Stories

The last 9 months have been an enlightening experience for the Knapton Wright team, who thanks to #KnapChat have spoken to a wealth of amazing people achieving extraordinary feats all over the world.

Our 2019 blog series celebrates fantastic people doing extraordinary things in their respective industries. This has introduced us to some remarkable stories, which we have had the pleasure of hearing first-hand from the wonderful individuals involved.

Now, we are delighted to offer you the chance to consume every incredible insight, every wonderful word, every smile, laugh and tear from the inspiring leaders involved in KnapChat over the last 9 months. How? With our FREE ebook...

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Whether you've kept a keen eye out for our latest KnapChat installment every Tuesday or have just dipped your toes in by reading a couple throughout the year - in fact, even if you've never even heard of KnapChat - there is something for everyone in our eBook.

From life-changing moments to unimaginable heartbreak; motivational heroics to ground-breaking ideas; lawyers to business owners, artists to journalists; having heard the enthralling stories of each KnapChatter, we noticed a strong, ever-present theme: relationships are at the core of everything we do.

Specifically, there were 10 qualities we noticed that each of our KnapChatters possessed; 10 aspects of their own journeys that got them to where they are today; 10 personal attributes that have elevated each and every one of them into the truly remarkable when it comes to making valuable connections.

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A special thank you to our KnapChatters

It takes courage, bravery and warm openness to share your story. Not just with friends and family, but in some of our KnapChatter's cases, someone they have never even met.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the #KnapChat journey so far. We are so grateful for your eagerness to get involved and share your story to help inspire, motivate and encourage others.

This eBook was created throughout the KnapChat journey. If you can't spot yourself or someone you've seen on KnapChat, fear not, we will be adding to it throughout the year as we interview more and more people.

A HUGE thank you has to go out to...

Got a story to share or know someone who does?

You've unlocked the insights of our many KnapChatters, now it's time to feature yourself! As you're probably well aware, we've spoken to comedians, lawyers, business owners and many more insightful individuals. Now, we want to hear your story.

If you would like to chat with us about your own experiences, thoughts and insights - or know someone who you think would be the perfect KnapChatter - email or get in touch with the team today!

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