Why is marketing an appealing career choice?

Why is marketing an appealing career choice?

We love to welcome young (and less young!) people into the agency for work experience. Each time we do, we ask them to write a piece for our website. The follow article was written by Emily Ramsay, a talented graphic design student from Wyke College in Hull, who jointed us for a couple of days over the Easter Holidays. Articles like this are important to us because they come from an angle that we can't take, being crusty marketing folks...! It's Emily's first ever blog article in which she takes a brief look at why marketing is an appealing career choice.

For our generation, the marketing industry we’re familiar with is seen as the process of creating, communicating and delivering offers that have value for clients or customers. Marketing refers to a company undertaking different duties such as advertising, selling, and delivering products to promote the buying and selling of a product or service. Marketing is a process all about finding a way to engage with different people. Therefore, marketing involves using many digital channels to connect with current and prospective customers. Here we are going to look at why marketing is an appealing career choice.

If you’re interested in which channels this marketing could include, below is a list of digital marketing examples:

Using these marketing examples could be through spreading awareness or insights alongside giving you the ability to be thoughtful and tactful in different approaches. 

Marketing careers put creativity, communication and analytical skills into action to see different forms of advertising in a whole new light! 

You get to use your skills

It looks to us like marketing is a growing industry, where technology is in constant use and social media is advancing, therefore making more opportunities to market successfully as it's a vital part of most organisations. As a result, marketing careers will allow you to use your skills and knowledge almost everywhere. Marketing roles will allow you to become passionate about commercial awareness and critical thinking. 

A marketing career can be an excellent profession for ambitious and outgoing individuals who are looking for challenging and creative opportunities. With a marketing job role, you can experience the thrill of bringing in new clients and shaping consumer needs each day. 

You get to show your creativity

Everyday, this creative industry is calling for new ideas. You’ll be able to think outside that box and apply your creativity in a variety of areas, from initial campaign ideas all the way through the small details for example choosing appropriate imagery.

Global career opportunities

With marketing being major around the world, a marketing career can help you to find job roles abroad. The global demand for qualified marketing professionals can further boost your chances of an international career. Statistics show that marketing job opportunities globally are predicted to grow at a rate of 7% from 2019 to 2029.

There's no limit!

As stated previously, the marketing industry is made up of a wide range of career roles such as social media, content, campaign management and analytics.  Therefore, no matter where your strengths or weaknesses lie, there'll be something that suits you. 

Marketing is our future

As technology is transforming the way we connect with our surroundings, including how consumers interact with businesses and brands, marketing is becoming more competitive.

As a marketer, you'll be able to explore different consumer behaviors across the world and find out how to use customer data in your marketing strategies.

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