Facebook Customer Service: Improve Yours With Automated, Instant Message Replies

Facebook Customer Service: Improve Yours With Automated, Instant Message Replies
Keeping current, potential and former customers happy is a monumental part of business that has extended itself to social media. Instant replies can be a great way to maximise your Facebook customer service. Here’s how you can turn on automated responses to customer queries on the social network…
  1. Click ‘Settings’ at the top right of your page on Facebook Business Manager.
  2. Select ‘Messaging’ from the left-hand column and scroll down to ‘Response Assistant’.
  3. Customise the instant message you want to go out to any of your page’s incoming Facebook messages in the future.

Facebook Instant Replies Template:

It’s important that your message is generic enough to apply to the type of messages you expect to receive. It also needs to be specific to your business and appeal to your target market in order for it to sound personable and not robotic. Think about how you usually talk to your customers when you respond to their queries in real-time and try and include your business name to show you haven’t just used the standard template. We suggest something along the lines of: “Thanks for your message. We at [insert business name] aim to respond as quickly as possible and will get back to you as soon as we can.” This thanks them for their interest in your business, while remaining personable and ensuring them that you will respond with a specific answer to their question as soon as possible. If you’re fairly prompt with your replies, you could reassure them that you tend to respond within a certain length of time: within two hours, for example.

Do I need to set up a Facebook Instant Reply?

Not necessarily. If your team is on the ball and tend to reply within the hour, there is no need for an automated response. An automated response immediately followed by an actual answer to their query has the potential to confuse the customer or even frustrate them by filling up their inbox.

Benefits of Great Facebook Customer Service & Instant Replies

Automatic responses on Facebook Messenger underline your page’s authenticity in the eyes of the consumer. They show that your business is current and aware of the latest features and updates online. It will also inevitably increase your average response time, which is displayed on your Facebook page info. According to research, seven out of eight messages to businesses go unanswered, so by having an automatic responder you’re already way ahead of a lot of the competition. Oliver Wilkinson Content Marketing Executive Knapton Wright Ltd.
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