The Fenco Group | Strategy

Fenco Group

The Client

The Fenco Group owns brands across the cleaning equipment and consumables markets for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes.

Based in Lincoln since 1999, supplying equipment across the globe, their mission is to ‘save lives, improve lives, through clean innovation’.

Marketing Strategy

The Challenge

Focusing their efforts into V-TUF, one of their main brands, Fenco needed some digital strategy planning and training to perfect their launch and develop a strong foundation that would set them up for long-term growth.

Words From the client


Alex and Jonathan were booked to deliver a comprehensive training session for us that covered a number of key areas.

“Their knowledge of implementing brand tone of voice and how to build out a cohesive digital strategy across our platforms was an integral factor for the day, and one they delivered with superb knowledge in an easy to understand way.

The whole day was really enjoyable and we left the training session with a number of tasks to work on and implement straight away.

Nicolle Matthews

Marketing & Brand Communications Manager, The Fenco Group

Marketing Strategy

Our Approach

We worked on a full day strategic session (complete with homework!) that was followed up with a further session after two weeks to answer any additional questions and map out what we’d discussed.

Throughout the day, we broke down business goals, current activities and how digital can be an effective marketing tool, before moving into where each part of the puzzle fits through content, social media, SEO, user experience, pay per click advertising and analytical reporting.

The first session ended with some immediate takeaways that enabled them to continue developing the strategy with the training fresh in their minds. For the follow-up, we worked through the initial planning to firm up the process moving forward.

The Results

The session and follow-up allowed us to develop a bespoke strategy for moving the brand forward pre and post-launch that was effective and also simple enough to track and optimise through reporting each month.

After 12 months, the company were still seeing strong results thanks, in part, to the foundations that were laid during those sessions and also some aftercare to tweak any plans in the 30 days after.