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We like to ensure what we do is interesting, which means working with a broad range of clients across many different sectors.

With one of our offices being based on the family farm in North Lincolnshire, we take particular pleasure in working with agricultural businesses as we see the inextricable but often overlooked link between that sector and social media marketing. Here are some examples of how our clients are seeing how social media marketing, and working with Knapton Wright, can have a positive impact on their business:

Straight from our customers….

Our Successes!

Wrendale Designs:

Increased website referrals from social media channels by 580% and delivered 500 qualified sales leads to one single product

Agricultural business:

Used Facebook to raise awareness of an event which led to a ten fold increase in footfall and revenue

Tech startup:

Working with them to reach relevant customers only using social media channels, consistently achieving significant month-on-month growth in subscribers

kbsaKnapton Wright have worked extremely hard to boost our audience and increase our reach across social media, never failing to provide fantastic marketing ideas and content. 

From day one, the Knapton Wright team have been professional and easy to work with, listening to and taking on our branding and tone of voice, as well as communicating their own advice, strategy and management techniques.

Most importantly, however, is that Knapton Wright have delivered noticeable results that have helped get the Kbsa name out there to potential members and consumers, as well as create a sense of community among our existing members.

Knapton Wright no longer feel like an external agency, but a valued extension of our team. We would certainly recommend them.

Uwe Hanneck

logoAlex from Knapton Wright came into our company over 12 months ago and we were instantly impressed by his knowledge and approach. Alex gave us a number of recommendations with regards to our Facebook activity including a ‘training’ session with all members of our staff to get them engaged, participating and spreading the word of our great services and projects amongst their own circle of social media friends.  Since this time, we have tripled our Facebook audience and have seen uplifts of well over 100% across all measures – what a success story!

Thank you again to Alex for giving us some great pointers on this ever-important platform.

Laura Pearson
Marketing Manager


Alex and the team at Knapton Wright have been a dream come true, and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been in the digital marketing space for nearly a decade and have used more than a few social media management vendors to grow my brands. Every one of them has disappointed… EXCEPT for Knapton Wright. Alex and the team have been professional – they do exactly what they say they will do. They turn up to meetings on time. They get the work done. When I ask for corrections or adjustments to my content, they get after it and get it done. They hire good quality team-members that know what they’re doing and can have reasonable conversations with me in English, which I value. In short, Knapton Wright has become an indispensable part of my marketing efforts and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Eric Dombach
Managing Director of The Coaches’ Coach



We’ve been working with Knapton Wright for over six months and couldn’t be happier with the professionalism shown, and the results seen from the strategies implemented. Alex has helped us understand what social media has to offer as a marketing channel for accessing new business leads, engaging with our existing trade and retail customers and raising brand awareness worldwide. We’ve found the ability to engage customers immediately and provide them with the information they require, at that moment in time, invaluable. With the expertise provided by Knapton Wright, we can get our message straight to the customers who want to see it, when they want to see it. I would urge any forward thinking business to consult with Knapton Wright and have their eyes opened to the power of social media marketing.

Graeme Bell
Business Manager, Parallel Flooring Accessories Ltd & Weatherbar Sills

trade-clientsAlex brings a refreshing approach to Social Marketing. His Strategic, Return on Investment driven approach allowed us to focus firmly on achieving our goals and demonstrating the value of that to our board. We focussed heavily on Facebook for the launch of Trade Clients, our mobile invoicing and payments app for trade professionals. Alex developed a content and advertising strategy to drive traffic to our website and subsequently to the App Store. We are yet to find another method that delivers the same returns for the value invested.

Tom Whittaker
MD, Innovosys – Best Start Up | Lincoln Digital Awards 2015

wrendaleThrough a series of consultations, Alex has really opened our eyes to the potential of social media in helping to grow our business. His knowledge and experience is extensive and he has a highly commercial approach, enabling us to generate measurable results from our venture into social media. Over the past six months, we feel that we have made excellent strides in opening a channel of communication with our customers, helping us to engage with them and promote our company ethos, and importantly it has resulted in a significant increase in sales. Alex is also helping us understand how best to use Facebook to support our business’s launch into the US market.

Hannah Dale
MD, Wrendale Designs By Hannah Dale

fillinghamtreesThanks to Alex and his knowledge of Facebook’s intricate workings, we were able to unravel the mystery of social media. We saw customer numbers increase as we engaged with them, which transmitted directly into increased sales. More importantly, our customers felt associated with our products, and the everyday activity of our Christmas tree farm. From the reviews on our page, it is clear Facebook has helped us to become an annual tradition in many households. I recommend anyone looking to increase sales on social media to contact Knapton Wright Ltd.

William Rose
MD, Fillingham Christmas Trees

Alex from Knapton Wright galvanised our social media marketing by working closely with our marketing team to develop our existing strategy. His expertise helped set out our future plans whilst building on our existing activity. We very quickly started to reap the rewards of all the ground work. Knapton Wright’s business-first approach to social media marketing was a perfect fit for us and enabled us to reach our objectives a lot quicker.

Perry Walker
MD, Eqvvs


Alex came to see us today to train us to get the best from Facebook. He came to us when it suited us and gave us nice straightforward ways we can move forward. His insight into the inner workings of Facebook has really helped us and given us a good way to improve. I would recommend Alex to any of my business contacts. Thank you for your help, Alex!
Dr. Gavin Young
Owner, Chiropractic First


LIVES want to say a big thank you to Alex from Knapton Wright for being so patient with them and for getting their Facebook pages sorted. “He is absolutely amazing at what he does, we will continue to use Alex and should anything in the future crop up where we need a Facebook expert, I know exactly where to go. We will continue to recommend Alex to other businesses.”

Stephen Hyde
Marketing Manager, Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service




I recently took part in a Facebook ‘training day’ which was given by Alex. I was part of a mixed group, all with very differing levels of social media experience and knowledge, but all with the same aim of learning more and being able to effectively market our own business’s success. 
Everyone, whatever their level, came away well informed, and better able to achieve our aims. A successful day for us all!

Nita Bainbridge
Owner of Ringehay Farm Holiday Cottages





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