Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Looking for a structured way to hit your business goals? Improve your digital presence with a marketing strategy that fits your brand, values and vision. 

What is a digital marketing strategy?

“A digital marketing strategy is a plan that helps your business achieve specific digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels such as paid, earned, and owned media.”


To achieve results, for any product or service, your business needs a marketing plan and a set of objectives that will push you closer step-by-step.

A digital marketing strategy isn’t a few posts on LinkedIn, a dabble on Google Ads or creating blog posts for your website.

It is likely to include these things but they will be part of a process that works towards your goals. A methodology that gets in front of the right people and moves them down the funnel from prospecting to acquisition to re engagement. 

Most businesses need a mix of offline and online activity, marrying them together for overall success.

Why you need a digital marketing strategy

89% of purchases start with a search query

Regardless of industry, almost every company has different goals and objectives by quarter, year or lifetime. 

This means that a bespoke digital marketing strategy is imperative to success. It gives a framework to build upon. 

And, today more than ever, your digital presence will undoubtedly affect your performance when it comes to things like brand awareness, sales and recruitment.

How to create a digital marketing strategy

45% of organisations don’t have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy

Creating a digital marketing strategy takes time and research. It needs to be a developing framework that uses SMART objectives to track solid KPIs.

Here are five things to determine to kick-off your businesses digital strategy:

Why are you in business?

By determining your why and what you want to accomplish, the next steps will be easier. Always start with your why if people don't understand your why, they won't buy into your what.

What are your Audience's pain points?

What solution are you offering and how does that relate to their life? Will this be best in social media marketing or content marketing?

Who will buy from you?

Frequently called Buyer Personas, you need to narrow down on your target audience. This could include demographics (age, location, gender), hobbies, interests, aspirations and more.

Where do your customers spend time online?

And where are they in your sales funnel? Are there communities for your target market that you can join? Should you run ads and on which platforms? Where are they in their buying journey?

When will they be ready to buy?

Consider the buying funnel and where people are in there. Do you know the usual time lag from website visit to conversion? How many touchpoints need to be created to seal sales?

How will you measure success?

Create clear, SMART, goals to measure progress. This could be anything from adding 100 likes on Facebook to doubling web traffic to help generate leads.

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