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Qudos homes

The Client

A dynamic, award-winning property developer based locally in North Lincolnshire. We were delighted by the opportunity to promote a local business and a beloved area so near to KW HQ.

content marketing & lead generation

The Challenge

Our challenge was to strategise and implement a campaign that reflected the company’s brand identity, increased local awareness of the business, generated high quality leads and ultimately, sold their properties.

content marketing & lead generation

Our Approach

Using expertise gained from several previous property clients, we curated a marketing strategy that would raise awareness of the business, drive traffic to their site and generate enquiries regarding the new development.

We built a bespoke landing page that was visually and technically engineered to generate leads, and engaged potential buyers further by implementing a targeted advertising campaign.

Our social media presence raised the profile of the business and built their brand, whilst consistently promoting the development and the appeal of the surrounding area to potential buyers.

We then brought our focus to remarketing to the leads, using a visually stylised and informative email marketing campaign.

Words From the client

The Results

As a young and dynamic house builder, we deem creative marketing and social media to be tools of growing significance. Since we engaged with Knapton Wright not only have they vastly increased our companies profile within the region, we have sold every house we had for sale!”

Tom Strawson

Qudos Homes

content marketing & Lead generation

The Numbers

By combining engaging social content, email remarketing and targeted advertising with a bespoke landing page for enquiries, we generated high quality leads and sales throughout the campaign.

Our 6 week campaign generated 6,859 visits to the website, 94 leads, and helped Qudos Homes sell every plot in that phase of their development. We also assisted them in transitioning to the next development phase by continuing to build the profile of their business.