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After finally letting go of his childhood dream of becoming a professional footballer, Ollie found his passion for language, words and articulation. Going on to complete a journalism degree at the University of Lincoln with a first, he brings an impressive range of written skills to the team.

The role of Marketing Executive offers a natural progression for continued development within the industry. Having experienced PR, Journalism and Media Assistant roles, Ollie’s transferable skills are well placed here at Knapton Wright Ltd. With a varied client base, each day offers a new opportunity to broaden his topical interest and challenge the boundaries of the written word with content management, email campaigns and blogs.

The perfect client for Ollie would be from a sporting environment; similar to Alex, the enjoyment and competitiveness of both playing and watching sports sparks a healthy level of social interaction which perfectly complements his built in curiosity to ask questions and understand more!

As a self-confessed listener with a laid back yet ambitious persona, Ollie is both creative and imaginative, bringing words to life with a quiet confidence, ensuring the message is not lost. With room to grow and develop into his role, we are excited to have him with us on our journey.

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