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Search Campaign

The Challenge

To create a search-optimised campaign that focused on driving targeted, relevant users to our website.

We wanted to demonstrate our expertise as thought leaders in digital marketing, as well as generate traffic and strong leads into our email marketing funnel.

SEO Ranking

The Results

This campaign generated hundreds of leads and thousands of users to our site.

How? By making the most of our SEO knowledge and tools to achieve a featured snippet – also known as “Position Zero” on Google.

Not only do we rank as a featured snippet, but we are also number one for many relevant keywords and phrases.

SERP Featured Snippet

SEO Ranking

Our Approach

We knew that a blog on ‘Facebook Competition Rules’ was necessary following conversations with various clients and conducting keyword research around the topic. 

After doing a bit of digging, we found plenty of opportunities to increase traffic and visibility on Google, while competing and outranking big-name brands such as Facebook and Hootsuite. 

The blog was written with two things in mind: 

1. Providing and packaging the exact information our target market was looking for, and…

2. Packaging it in a way that would maximise our chances of ranking in the top spots on Google.

Thanks to various SEO techniques, the blog quickly found its way to number one in SERP (the search engine results page). It was so successful in maximising traffic, that we wanted to make further strides in fully utilising its effectiveness.

A Hubspot study told us that 90% of web users prefer downloading a PDF to reading content on a webpage.

From the initial keyword research and the blog’s results in Google Analytics, we knew there was significant interest in Facebook Competitions. Therefore, there must also be interest in similar guides for other social media platforms.

So, we got to work conducting further keyword research, chatting with clients and writing content. It wasn’t long before we created a downloadable resource, complete with a multi-platform, automated funnel.

What started as a guide for clients became:

  • An incredibly popular, number-one ranking blog
  • A fully branded, high-quality ebook, titled: ‘Your Definitive Guide Social Media Competitions’
  • An automated lead generation campaign that has so far generated over 600 leads. Each lead receives the branded ebook, as well as many highly relevant, useful follow-up guides and tips via email marketing.

What we did


A lot of clients were asking us about Facebook Competition Rules: ‘Are share to win contests allowed? Can you run giveaways that require tagging and liking?’

We realised this was a bit of a grey area, and that there wasn’t a one-stop-shop guide available online. At least, not a good one.

After expert keyword research, we found the perfect opportunity to increase visibility and therefore traffic through search engine optimisation.

Oliver Wilkinson

Head of Content, Knapton Wright

Knapton Wright

The Client

We are a results-led, creative and PR marketing team based in Brigg, North Lincolnshire.

From SEO, web design and social media marketing right on through to PPC, PR and asset creation, we provide everything you require to get the results you crave.