Lincolnshire Business Expo 2018 Reaction

Lincolnshire Business Expo

Last week most of the Knapton Wright team descended on the Lincolnshire Showground for the annual Lincolnshire Business Expo, joining a variety of exceptional people and businesses, not to mention the collection of fantastic freebies!

The Knapton Wright office is now full of pens, notepads, and cupcakes – it’s still acceptable to eat them the next day – right?

Delicious treats and stationary aside, our team had a wonderful day discovering what Lincolnshire has to offer in terms of business. Sharing a stand with the delightful Bracket Energy team, with the excitable Ben Keaton at the forefront, we had some extremely interesting conversations throughout the day with everyone who was kind enough to stop by.

Our Lincolnshire Business Expo Competition

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our competition and congratulations to Tony from Genius WiFi, who was crowned the winner on the morning after the Lincolnshire Business Expo.

The challenge, for those of you unaware, was to guess how many active Facebook users are within 30 miles of the Lincolnshire Showground. We had estimations from as low as 11,000 all the way up to 3 million. The answer? 1.6 million. This meant that Tony’s guess of 1.5 million was the closest.

Our very own MD, on the other hand, guessed as low as 860,000. Better luck next time, Alex!

So, if you were still doubting the power of social media such as Facebook before reading this blog post, we hope such a staggering figure has persuaded you. If you’d like to discover more incredible Facebook statistics, check out our social channels – we’re always sharing them!

Describe your business’s social media presence in 3 words

We also asked visitors to our stand to describe their business’s presence on social media – from Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat to Instagram – in three words.

If you can describe your business in 3 words, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do the same with your marketing! Anyone who struggles with this may want to check out our guide to social media planning.

Here are the words that some of you used:

  • Knowledgeable, friendly & professional
  • Could reach millions
  • Engaging, current & connecting
  • Engagement is key!

We had some great answers, we particularly like “engagement is key!” Which one is your favourite?

Watch out for our upcoming blog, which will feature the rest of the 3 words that describe the social media presence of our stand visitors. We will also be asking more of you to contribute to this, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lincolnshire Business Expo Talks

Photos by Steve Smailes Photography – @ssmailesphotoAcross the team, we managed to attend quite a few of the seminars and talks. It was useful for all of us, and there were quite a few relating to social media – from managing it in the workplace from an HR/legal point of view to how to dominate your industry.

One that we found very interesting was “Four Ways To Build A High Performing Team At No Cost” by Newland Partners’ Wil Payne. As a growing team, we’ve been having more and more conversations about how we build culture and Wil’s talk gave us a lot of food for thought.

Thanks to getting the chance to chat to other people in the room, we noticed that while every person holds similar values, perhaps our culture is currently more implicit than explicit, and that has reaffirmed our belief to hone down on creating a true culture focus within Knapton Wright.

Alex P, our Account Manager, attended a fantastic talk led by Lisa Davies from Get The Edge. Lisa gave an inspiring talk about “6 Ways to Explode your Business in 2018” and provided valuable insights into timeless strategies for developing business in good times or bad.

Another great seminar was hosted by Jessica Boot-Marshall from the Innovation Programme for Greater Lincolnshire. Jessica discussed the Innovation Programme and how it can help Greater Lincolnshire-based businesses with business support and advice through to funding a recent graduate for an internship.

A good opportunity for business development and networking

The Lincolnshire Business Expo always promises to be a fun, engaging and insightful day, and 2018’s did not disappoint. As Alex Wright, our MD reflected:

Local and even regional business events can be full of the same old faces, telling the same old stories, so it was great to see plenty of variety on the exhibitor list. The whole team took something different from the day, which will not only help them develop but also help our business continue to grow.

I attended the first Business Expo as a delegate and knew only a handful of people as the business was only a year or so old. A couple of years later it was enormously enjoyable to spend eight hours speaking to friends, clients and people who’ve helped us get to where we are today. Let’s hope next year’s event is even bigger and better.