What Attracts Me to Marketing? 

What Attracts Me to Marketing? 

We love to welcome young (and less young!) people into the agency for work experience. Each time we do, we ask them to write a piece for our website. The follow article was written by Benjamin Ellis, a budding student interested in marketing and design from Caistor Grammar, who jointed us for a day during his half-term break in February. He will also be coming back to do some work experience with us in July, we're all looking forward to welcoming him back later on this year. Articles like this are important to us because they come from an angle that we can't take, being crusty marketing folks...! It's Benjamin's first ever blog article in which he takes a brief look at why marketing is something he's interested in pursuing.

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Marketing attracts people mainly with its creativeness and design features. When marketing a product, it's all about picking your audience and tailoring to them. This interests me because it’s all about selling different companies ideas to a variety of different people. 

What is so special about marketing? 

One of the most interesting things about marketing is that it’s not just one area or one topic. It’s several different components that all work together to complete a task, whether that be creating a website for a customer, promoting a product through an event or reaching communities through different medias, such as newspaper articles, social media or through emails. Even in these different subcategories, there are so many different parts. 

Marketing is also great because you're usually not just working with one client. Often many different companies work with you all with different viewpoints, products and ideas.

Why is marketing so important? 

Marketing is important because it influences everything we buy, use and sell. If a product is advertised well with a good vibrant website, good brand exposure and a creative design or message, we are more likely to buy/use the product. On the other hand, if the product is poorly advertised on a very basic, dull website, it's unlikely it will sell to a wide audience.  Without good marketing, a product cannot be successful. This is what makes marketing so appealing and important to me because when marketing a product there are so many things to think about to create the best chance of selling your product.  

Marketing is important because it is very versatile. Every client that you work with has different ideas that need to be put across to the consumer. The way you put these ideas across will ultimately decide whether the product is bought or not.

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What does Knapton Wright do? 

Knapton Wright are trying to “make a positive difference on the world”. At Knapton Wright, the environment is a big deal and everyone agrees that we should all be “greener”. That is why Knapton Wright has worked with companies Sea2Soil, The Flippen Group:Teachworthy, UK Green Energy and several more. All of these companies are clients that are trying to become “greener” and to continue to produce the same product but in a better, more sustainable way. Knapton Wright use many different methods of marketing such as digital marketing (using social media and the internet to introduce a product), SEO (where search engines are analyzed to see how many people click on the website address) and email marketing (designing an email to be sent out to lots of people promoting the product) to name a few. 

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Knapton Wright: Marketing for brands that put the planet first!

We asked Benjamin to have a play with Canva to create something that showcases one of his passions. As you can see from the graphic below, he found his way around pretty quickly and clearly has a love for Derby County FC! We’re looking forward to welcoming Benjamin back into the fold for a week in July as part of Caistor Grammar School’s Work Experience Programme, watch this space for more from talented young people who want to learn more about marketing!

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