Using Social Media To Recruit & Build Your Dream Team

Using Social Media To Recruit & Build Your Dream Team
94% of professional recruiters post jobs on social media, and 67% expect competition for candidates to increase. So, how do you ensure you not only find the right candidates, but also convince them that your business is the place to be? Social media. Follow these 5 simple tips to build your dream team with the help of social networking!

1) Use your employees as advocates

By providing a fun, enjoyable and productive place to work, your employees will slowly become walking, talking adverts for your business. Posts from your team members about your brand or their work - from individual awards and team accolades to their personal development and fun in the office - tells outsiders that your business is a great place to be, and will therefore attract potential employees to your workforce. If your employees are also sharing your business page's posts and tweets, it shows they believe in and are invested in your business, which is always a great sign for potential additions to your team.

2) Make the most of LinkedIn

The first thing that springs to mind for most when you mention social media recruitment: LinkedIn. The network is an excellent way of finding talented individuals that are relevant to your industry. Whether you're looking for bloggers and journalists for PR purposes or individuals to join your growing team, LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start. Try posting job adverts on the site, as well as actively searching for potential employees and asking your followers for any recommendations in terms of talent. You can also make the most of LinkedIn ads, which allow you to target individuals and send personalised ads straight to their inbox. Make sure you take advantage of our 12 LinkedIn marketing tips to increase your followers on the platform.

3) Utilise Facebook Ads & targeting

Paid targeting on Facebook allows you to find and speak to people based on a range of demographics, including interests, education, location, current employment status and much, much more. Facebook Ads are an ideal tool to recruit as they allow you to source people based on the exact requirements you're looking for. Why not post a job advert on the social networking site and put a bit of paid advertising behind it? It's worth noting that Facebook also recently introduced a Job Postings feature that is certainly worth checking out.

4) Vet potential employees using their profiles

An applicant may seem your type on paper (apologies for the terrible Love Island reference), but many people can write a great CV. You may think you've found the ideal candidate, only to find out they're not the right fit for your team. If you really want to get an idea of a potential employee's personality prior to arranging an interview, social media is a perfect place to start. Try searching for them on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn - their profiles could affirm that they appear to be an ideal fit. Alternatively, they could suggest that the individual would be an inappropriate appointment.

5) Video Interviews

Video interviews using the likes of Skype, Facetime and so on are ideal if you're looking to save time in the employment process while still gaining a clearer idea of the individual(s) in question. This sort of interview also helps applicants who are open to relocating for the job, as it allows them a fair chance for an interview, without needing to travel. Video marketing on social media is becoming increasingly important in terms of engagement. By asking applicants to submit a video CV - or interviewing them via Skype, you gain an insight into how comfortable they are in front of a camera, something that could prove valuable for your brand.

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