So long's been a blast

So long's been a blast
Written by Alex Wright, Head Honcho
Posted on Monday, 18 December, 2023

2023 is ending with Knapton Wright being in a completely different place from where we started the year. Quite literally! We’re in a new office, new location, new neighbours, new vibe… but looking a little deeper than that, we are signing off this year not where we expected to be as an agency, in a good way!

First came the acquisition of another agency, and then it was time for a kick up the arse around our new direction - a decision which was solidified by successfully launching our new brand - something that wouldn’t have been realised without the creative bods at Number 75 Design, so huge thanks to them for bringing our ramblings to life!

Once you’ve processed how huge all of that is, especially for a small business, it’s hard to think of anything else to top it!

It’s been a hectic year, transitional if you will, but everything that’s been undertaken by the team has helped us see things from a different perspective and become much more agile and versatile as a result. For our benefit, yes, but more so for our clients. 

Emily - who stepped up as our Commercial Manager this year - possibly summed this up the best:

“I’ve loved being part of each client's journey - watching their businesses grow; their brands thrive in a challenging market; and our relationships with them flourish, as they begin to see their trust in us rewarded with deliverable, successful results. 

“For me a big fat dollop of what made this year fab was being given the opportunity to get my teeth stuck into all things commercial in the KW world. Rob and Alex have been bloody ace in letting me do my thing, have embraced my positive challenges and have allowed me to deep dive into our stats to make achievable suggestions to improve profitability.”

On the other side of the world, Tim opened our Melbourne office. After saying goodbye, hello, goodbye to Tim as he yo-yoed between Brigg and Melbourne, Australia trying to decide if he did indeed want to turn into Crocodile Dundee, he settled on Oz - no idea why… 

He’s been instrumental in taking KW global and developing how we used our new branding.

“Seeing how it’s being received and evolving to support the pivot in messaging is very positive, “ said Tim, from 11 hours in the future. 

“The focus and change in direction to work with more planet-conscious businesses seems to be developing, and expanding positively. The last year seems to have consolidated that it was a good idea to pursue a niche and that this was the right one.”

The team absolutely made 2023 

“Somehow, our team has found a way to become even more effing awesome,” added Alex. “And while we were sad to see Tommo Kelly go (to the only place in northern Lincs that’s greener than us - myenergi), we have added some incredible talent into the KW mix.” 

The People Pulse reports just keep on getting better and better and the anecdotal feedback we read each quarter genuinely makes our hearts swell to know that we’re doing the right thing by our people.

“It’s no great surprise that cultural harmony has been cemented by growing the team with a perfect blend of in-housers, outsourcers, newbies and wise heads,” said Rob. “The team now holds such a diverse range of opinions, expertise and experiences, all to the benefit of our clients. Plus we have a bloody good laugh with it too.”

Amias Burrows, our junior web developer said: “Joining the team was a big highlight for me. Making a big step into a defined career, and working within a team that has helped me learn so many new skills in web development, which I use constantly, has to be my highlight. That and the office move - it’s cut down my commute loads!”

Kirsty Feeney, our PPC queen said: “Joining KW as a freelancer but being made to feel like part of the team - especially from Teddy [Katie Evans’ cavapoo] - has made my year. Understanding it’s not just the big changes we make but the small changes that can make all the difference as well.”

Apprentices from the gods 

It’s also been a year of apprenticeships for us. Alicia completed her time with us having made her mark, leaving the good-ship KW with a Digital Marketing distinction. Bravo! And we welcomed in the one and only Emily Ramsay! 

As apprentices go, you couldn’t ask for anyone better. No matter what’s been thrown at her, no matter what the challenge, she’s risen to it each and every time. 

Nurturing the future of marketing has always been important to us. After seeing Alicia and now Emily, grow, expand their knowledge and experience and find their unique niches within marketing, and specialisms that they adore, it’s safe to say that that future is in safe hands. 

Both Emily and Alicia have been shepherded by the ever-talented but understated Katie Evans. She may never think it but that is a big reason why they’ve settled into the team so well - not all heroes wear capes; some have cavapoos called Teddy. 

This brings us rather nicely, onto the next highlight of 2023 - one that actually started off the year. Seeing Katie recognised at the North Lincolnshire Business Awards. 

Alex explained:

“Having the KW crew together at the NLBAs to see Katie deservedly recognised as one of the employees of the year was a standout moment for me; wearing the table decorations as hats comes a close second.”

And while she is the first to admit that attending the NLBAs, as a nominee, was “massively out of her comfort zone”, even Katie loved it. “The NLBAs was definitely a good experience, it was a lovely evening spent with the team too. But my highlight for 2023 has to be working across the team more,” said Katie Evans, our digital marketing master. 

“Collaborating with Rob to define digital audits and what this process looks like/can look like going forward, learning lots of cool (I think so) web stuff from Amias and getting stuck into working with the new clients that have moved over from Bazzoo,  seeing the potential in them and the opportunities that can be taken advantage of for the future… the new year can’t come sooner enough!” 

So, 2024…

No ‘new year, new you’ nonsense for us, we’re excited to start the new year, eager to crack on with doing more of the same. Signing off 2023 on a high is a privilege, yes, but one that has been hard-earned by our team. 

So while it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to a break, we’re chomping at the bit to return in January - possibly with a little extra padding - to steady the ship, sail straight and true and maybe find some buried treasure along the way. 

No idea why this has become a nautical metaphor, but hey ho. Or should that be yo-ho-ho? 

Anyway… we had asked the team to share their highlights but between showering at work - don’t ask - and Alex’s dependency on Space Dust - to fuel his creative juices, apparently - we thought it best not to go down that road…  

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and cheers to seeing you all on the other side. 

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