Master Facebook Recruitment with Job Postings

Master Facebook Recruitment with Job Postings
Does your business have a job vacancy? Thinking of promoting it on social media? We would strongly recommend using Facebook’s Job Postings. Having recently used Job Postings and the Facebook Jobs Page to great success for one of our clients, we can certainly vouch for its effectiveness. When Job Postings was first released, Facebook promised it would “take the work out of hiring”. After receiving dozens of applications from Facebook alone in a matter of hours, it’s fair to say that the social network is keeping that promise.

How to use Facebook’s Job Postings feature

Creating a job posting on Facebook is as simple as creating a regular post. Follow the below steps to advertising your vacancy:
  1. Head over to Facebook Business Manager and select your business’ page.
  2. Select ‘Write a post…’ and select “Publish a Job Post”.
  3. Upload an eye-catching picture that you believe will appeal to your ideal candidates.
  4. Enter the Job Title, location of your business, details of the position and whether the role is full or part-time. Try to use exciting words to entice people to apply and promote your business as a great place to work.
  5. If you expect to receive many applications, you can narrow them down by asking additional questions, but make sure they are answerable in no more than two sentences. An example of an additional question could be: “What attracted you to the role?” or “What previous experience makes you an ideal candidate for the role?”
  6. Include instructions on how to apply – can applicants apply straight from Facebook? Will they be able to email over their CV? Do they need a cover letter?
  7. Publish the post.

What happens next?

Now, you play the waiting game. Your vacancy will be published on your page and will also appear on the Jobs Bookmark on Facebook. It won’t be long before applications start to seep in. These will come straight to your Facebook page’s inbox, as well as the email address you provided to applicants. CVs should be attached to each individual applicant’s Facebook message. You can optimise your campaign by labelling specific candidates as “Qualified”, “Not Qualified” and “Need More Info”, which will then improve the quality of your future applicants. Facebook gives you the chance to contact applicants via Facebook Message, email or phone number, depending on what information the applicant provides. This makes the whole process seamless.

Can I use targeting to find ideal candidates on Facebook?

Posting a job on Facebook enables you to “reach qualified people where they’re already spending their time”. This means your vacancy should reach talented individuals that aren’t actively searching for vacancies but may be tempted by your opportunity. Your post’s reach can be extended with the help of Facebook’s paid targeting capabilities. To expand your audience once your vacancy has been published, select “Boost post”. Boosting a post allows you to target individuals specific to their location, tastes, interests, behaviour and much more. What better way to ensure word of your vacancy reaches who you believe to be the perfect candidates?

What happens if my Job Postings ad is not approved by Facebook?

This is something we have come across when posting a job advert for one of our clients. Upon boosting the post, we had the following error: “It looks like your ad may be for housing, employment or credit opportunities, or you've included a multicultural affinity segment from your audience.” This, of course, was not correct as our client was in the automotive industry and simply needed a new receptionist. The error message appeared before we even tried any targeting. Don’t panic if you get a similar message, Facebook’s automated ads policy checkers are not always 100% accurate. However, we think we're right in saying we’d all rather these protocols be over-protective than lackadaisical! To confirm that you are adhering to Facebook’s Ad Policy, select “Certify Compliance”. This will open a window where you will have to read and accept Facebook’s Advertising terms and conditions.

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Published your job vacancy? Now you can concentrate on attracting the right people to your business while motivating your current team! Wondering how you can get the edge over your competitors? Check out our guide to using social media to build your dream team! Oliver Wilkinson Content Marketing Exec Knapton Wright
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