How To Create An Event Marketing Plan on Social Media

How To Create An Event Marketing Plan on Social Media
With millions of daily active users, social media platforms are the perfect place for promoting your events. Follow our tips to learn how to promote an event on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Promoting an Event on Facebook

Create a Facebook event

By now, you probably know that your business should be on Facebook, and Event pages on the networking site are brilliant for a variety of reasons. They can be shared easily, people can receive daily event updates and you can see how many people are interested or attending. With this, you can also direct people to external sites so they can purchase tickets without any confusion or hassle. Creating an event on Facebook is simple enough. Ensure you have posted all of the important details - dates, times, location and event details – and use a short, to-the-point name and a relevant, attractive image to accompany it. The above details are important because they are the first things seen by users.

Boost Your Facebook Event

You can further your event with the paid boost option. Facebook boosts can easily improve promotions as they will not only guarantee your event page gets seen but also increases the chance of engagement. By targeting using Facebook advertising and boosts, you can rest assured your event is reaching your target audience.

Share, share, share!

Another reason Facebook is an excellent tool for events is the share function. Promote your event on your business’s page, personal page and you can even get your friends, family and network to share it, too. This way you can increase reach at just the push of a button for no cost at all!

Promoting an Event on Twitter

Post Engaging Content

Twitter may force you to be concise through its 280-character limit, but the social network is still a great place to promote your event. It is where people turn to for instantaneous updates to events and news - usually in real-time. With 330 million users around the world, promoting your event on Twitter may seem daunting. However, there are a few ways to make your event stand out for your audience! Images are an excellent way to gain attention from your audience. Apparently “tweets with images received 89% more favourites, 18% more clicks and 150% more retweets!” There is nothing stopping you from posting links to your Facebook event via Twitter with eye-catching images.

Create a Hashtag

Once you’ve created a unique event hashtag, stick to it! Consistency is massively important for attracting an audience. Every tweet related to the event should contain your unique hashtag so people who stumble upon it are getting a flood of information regarding your event. This is even easier to do with Twitter’s longer character limit. Not only can you use the hashtag in your posts, you can add them to any brand imagery associated with the event. This will encourage all the people involved to use that hashtag and share and engage with your event and your business’s Twitter profile.

Retweet Posts About Your Event

Never forget to retweet! What better way to gain attention than to directly interact with those who are showing interest? Retweets are great because they allow you to share other people’s tweets instantly or quote them, adding your own message to go alongside it. If your event is being held by multiple businesses, you can use their tweets to add to your own promotion. Twitter is especially useful in this regard because you can easily search for your unique hashtag. With this, it also has a ‘Mentions’ feature with its notifications so you can narrow your notifications down to exactly who has mentioned your event. Like and retweet these posts and interact with those who are interested to build up brand loyalty.

Use Twitter Ads to Promote Your Event

Like Facebook, you can also pay for Twitter advertising. This is a good opportunity to gain more reach, followers, likes, retweets and so on. You can use Twitter to amplify your brand and event without much hassle and at a small cost.

Promoting an Event on Instagram

Post Eye-Catching Images and Videos

Like all social media channels, the key to Instagram is to post content frequently. Avoid spamming followers but ensure you post at least a few times a week. The significant difference with Instagram to other social media sites is that it is image/video based. Try to get creative and publish relevant, aesthetically-pleasing content and you’ll see an increase in followers in no time. You can even take advantage of your profile’s URL by setting it as your Facebook event page.

Make the Most of Hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to connect all of your social media channels. Use the same unique hashtag you created for Twitter with Instagram posts as well. In addition to this, you can make use of relevant, popular hashtags to gain attention from people searching for things associated with what your event is focusing on.

Promoting an Event on LinkedIn

B2B and Industry Events

If your event is predominantly for professionals and businesses, LinkedIn is the place to go. Through LinkedIn, you will be promoting your event specifically for your network. This means your event will be mainly focused on industry or business to business. As a result, you should try to keep a formal and professional tone when promoting through LinkedIn. Make sure you add images to your posts and try not to post too frequently so you don’t come across as spam to your connections. This social network also makes it easy to gain connections and expand your networking circle in areas relevant to you and your business.

Are you ready to promote your event on social media?

Lack the time or resources to manage the social media promotion of your next event! Why not let us manage it for you, or train you and your staff on how to use the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn? We specialise in maximising the effect social media can have on your business, and we know how to promote your events to reach the audience you desire. Get in touch with us today!
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