How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business

How To Create a Facebook Page For Your Business

Pages are for businesses, brands, organizations and public figures to share their stories and connect with people.” Sounds great, right? But how do you create a Facebook page for your business?

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Do I need a personal account to have a Facebook page?

In short, yes. Facebook will only allow you to create a page for your business if you are on Facebook yourself. This doesn’t mean you have to constantly share cat photos or what you deem the funniest memes. You can simply create an account and use it strictly to access your business’s Facebook page. Nobody even needs to know that you’re the admin or owner of the page because it won't appear anywhere on either page.

How do I set up a Facebook account?

Signing up for Facebook has never been easier; after all, if more than one billion people are on it, it can’t be that hard, right?

Follow the below steps to sign up for Facebook:

  1. Visit
  2. Instead of using the Facebook page log in at the top, fill out your details on the right-hand-side – first name, surname, email address, password, birthday and gender.
  3. Confirm your email address. There is an option to do this automatically with some mail providers such as Gmail. Alternatively, log into your email, select ‘Confirm Your Account’ and enter the confirmation code you received in the email.

How do I make a Facebook Business page?

Once you’re logged into your Facebook account – and have spent as much time as you’d like personalising it with a profile picture, cover image, and personal details – you can begin creating your Facebook business page. This can be done via the classic Facebook interface or the Facebook Business Manager, which we’ll talk about later. Complete the quick, simple and easy-to-follow steps in this guide to create a Facebook page:
  1. Click on Pages from the list on the left-hand side (below Explore).
  2. Select ‘Create Page’, which is located on the top-right of the subsequent webpage.
  3. This will open up a number of options, which are explained below these steps.
  4. Once you have selected your type of Page from the options (explained below*), you’ll need to fill out the appropriate details. This will be the Facebook page name and the address of your business, as well as the category in which you fall. Don't worry, you do have the option to change Facebook page type in the future.
  5. Your page has now been created and you can start with the personalisation process. Begin by adding a profile and cover picture to help people identify your business and brand. Your profile picture will appear in the top left of your page and as a thumbnail in all your posts and comments, while your cover picture will sit as a banner at the top of your page. Facebook recently allowed users to set their cover photos as videos, which can be an excellent, eye-catching way to promote your product, services or brand.
  6. The more information you provide about your business, the more likely you are to appear in searches from potential customers. Be as detailed as possible when filling in your Page’s short description, business hours, website, story, contact details and so on. Don't forget to change your Facebook page URL, too.
  7. Be sure to add in a call to action, which comes in the form of a button below your cover photo. This could be a ‘Contact Us’ button that goes to your email address and phone number or a ‘Shop Now’ button that links to your website’s products or services.
  8. To maximise your presence on Facebook, follow the tips provided in the guide located below the ‘Welcome to your new page’ banner.

What is a local business or place?

When deciding between a ‘local business or place’ and ‘company, organisation or institution’, envision how your customers utilise your products and/or services. Do they physically visit a fixed location? For example, if you have a place of business that’s frequented by your customers, such as an office, shop or workshop, you ought to identify yourself as a ‘local business or place’ on Facebook.

What is a Company, Organisation or Institution?

If, on the other hand, your customers or clients visit a different place each time, or simply shop online, you should select ‘Company, organisation or institution’ at this stage of setting up a business page on Facebook. Businesses and franchises with more than one location should also select this option.

When should I select Brand or Product for my Facebook page?

If your product and/or services are available multiple retailers or resellers, you should identify yourself as a ‘Brand or Product’ when creating a page on Facebook. This is where the likes of Coca-Cola, Nike or Microsoft belong, for instance.

Who are the Artists, Bands or Public Figures on Facebook?

This page type is for celebrities and those within the public eye. Any individuals or groups such as bands will identify as this type of Facebook page. Ever been on the Facebook page belonging to an athlete, author, chef or entertainer? These will have been set up as Artists, Bands or Public Figures.

What is an Entertainment Facebook page?

These Facebook groups will be set up to represent the promotion, content, thoughts or products of a particular TV Show, Album, Book, Movie, TV channel and so on.

What are Cause or Community Facebook pages?

Educational, governmental, medical and charitable organisations tend to belong to this Page type. However, some not-for-profit and charitable organisations prefer to identify as local businesses to make them more approachable to Facebook users.

What is Facebook Business Manager?

“A free tool to organise and manage your business,” Facebook Business Manager enables you to share your page with your colleagues, create and schedule posts, and overall maximise your presence on the social network. Unlike the traditional way of managing a Facebook page, this removes all distractions, including Messenger and news feed. It also allows you to manage multiple pages at once if you run more than one business and facilitates the process of having multiple employees or business partners managing one Page. And if that’s not enough to convince you, Business Manager makes it extremely straightforward to access the analytics behind your account(s); such as page likes, post reach and engagement.

How to create a Facebook Business Manager account

  1. Now that you’ve got a Facebook profile and set up a Facebook page, visit to create a Facebook Business Manager account.
  2. Select Create Account, and provide your business name and email address.
  3. Select the ‘Add Page’ button, find your new Page and add it to your Business Manager account.
  4. If you would like to share the responsibility of your Facebook presence with others within your business, select the ‘Add People’ option and provide their email address. This is how you can add admins to your Facebook page.

What is the difference between a Facebook Admin and Employee?

A Page admin will be able to control all aspects of your page, including permissions and ads. Employees, on the other hand, only have access to whatever the admin(s) permit them.

What next?

There are 1.4 billion daily active users on Facebook. But if that's not enough to convince you of the power of social media, check out our 10 reasons why your business should be on Facebook. Now you know how to make a Facebook page, once you’ve personalised your Page and are happy with its aesthetics, you can get started with creating content. That's right, you can begin promoting your products and/or services while providing value to your current and potential customers/clients! You may want to start with creating a few posts to vacate your page and make it appear less empty. Ensure the word is spread both online and offline about your new page in order to increase your likes and therefore audience. Another idea would be to create some ads targeted at your current and potential customers, as well as those with similar interests or demographics. A competition that encourages people to engage with your page is also recommended to kick-start your Facebook marketing. For help creating, maximising or simply improving the effectiveness of your Facebook marketing and social media strategy, get in touch with the Knapton Wright team today. We can help in many ways, including managing your social media presence or training you and your staff to effectively do it yourselves. Oliver Wilkinson Content Marketing Executive Knapton Wright Ltd.
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