How to Create Facebook Ads with a Call-To-Action on WhatsApp

Whatsapp Ads

WhatsApp currently has 1.5 billion users and 1 billion daily active accounts, making it the most popular messaging app in the world. So, where better to direct your customers to get in touch with your business…?

Thanks to Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp in February 2014, social media marketers can now advertise using both popular platforms. How, we hear you ask? By creating Facebook Ads that direct people to get in touch via WhatsApp.

This type of Facebook Ad includes a call-to-action that, when clicked, will automatically open the start of a conversation between the advertiser and user on WhatsApp.

How to create Facebook Ads that click through to WhatsApp

Want to encourage your target market to get in touch with you using their most-loved messaging app (which outscores Facebook Messenger by 0.2 billion users)? Follow these simple steps to create your very own WhatsApp ads on Facebook.

Set up a WhatsApp Business

To begin publishing Facebook Ads that click through to WhatsApp, you’ll first need to create a WhatsApp Business. This is a tool that “powers communication with customers”, allowing businesses to “connect with customers on WhatsApp in a simple, secure and reliable way to provide customer service, notifications and offer support.”

Sounds amazing, right? AND, it’s very easy to set-up! Follow these instructions to download the WhatsApp Business App and set up your account.

Setting up Facebook Ads with a WhatsApp CTA

Once you have your WhatsApp Business, follow these instructions to integrate a WhatsApp Call To Action into your paid advertising on Facebook.

  1. Head over to Facebook Ads Creation.
  2. Choose one of the following advertising objectives: Messages, Traffic, Conversions (for website) or Post Engagement. These are the only objectives for which WhatsApp calls-to-action are available.
    Facebook Ads Objective
  3. Select “WhatsApp Business” when choosing your ‘Message Destination’.
  4. Choose your targeting, placement and scheduling options before selecting your images, text and headline.
  5. Publish your ad(s).

Why WhatsApp Facebook Ads are the way forward…

  1. A recent study found that over half of people would rather message than call your business’s customer service.
  2. Directing people to message your business gives you more time and access to be in touch with multiple customers at a time.
  3. 50% of people say they’re likely to shop with a business they can message.
  4. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform, so it makes perfect sense to allow people to contact you through it.
  5. The process of messaging allows you to be personable and careful with your wording – ensuring you remain friendly, approachable and on-brand.
  6. A WhatsApp Business profile enables you to display when and where customers can reach you, displaying your location, website and open hours.
  7. You can contact customers directly on WhatsApp via notifications, updating them about their order(s) and so on.
  8. Messages can be automated to save you time.

Learn more about Whatsapp Business.

Can you advertise directly on WhatsApp?

More exciting news for digital marketers and business owners! While you cannot currently have adverts on WhatsApp itself, it was announced at the Facebook Marketing Summit that WhatsApp will soon welcome ads within its app.

Arriving in 2020, WhatsApp ads will work in a similar way to Instagram Stories, appearing as clickable images/videos in the status section.

Need support or guidance with your paid advertising?

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Oliver Wilkinson
Content Manager