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After several years in a business to business marketing environment, followed by three years on the marketing communications team at the University of Westminster, Facebook’s newly-opened UK office – its first outside of the US – became home for three and half years.

As part of the Facebook Marketing Solutions team, Alex worked with a wide range of clients, from local SMEs, journalists and celebrities through to multinational corporations like Samsung, Honda and Heineken, using results driven marketing to help test Facebook’s growing advertising platform.

After leaving Facebook, there followed a couple of years at TBG Digital, a leading social media marketing agency and one of the first to develop an ads API for Facebook’s ad platform, before moving to Lincolnshire to be closer to his wife’s family farm.

Alex loves words and the way they can influence customer behaviour. He also loves sport – combining social media and sport, with more than a hint of agriculture, would make for near perfection in his world. Plus his family, of course.

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